Bella Throne’s Revelations: Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato Top Her List of Celebrity Crushes

Bella Thorne has shown that she’s relatable to the masses in her recent interview with Maxim as she shared that her celebrity crushes include Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

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During a conversation with Maxim, Bella expressed her admiration for Miley and Demi, referring to them as “toasty” and we can see why she feels that way. Bella went on to describe Demi Lovato as a “pretty toasty woman” and referred to Miley Cyrus as “dope.” However, Bella’s choice of crushes is significant for another reason. By openly expressing her attraction to both men and women, Bella is highlighting the existence and validity of bisexuality in the world.

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The biSexual community faces a significant challenge of erasure due to widespread skepticism surrounding their identity. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that biSexual people are merely confused and should choose a specific orientation. Despite the increasing number of young people identifying as biSexual, this perception persists. As a result, the representation of biSexual individuals on TV and in movies remains scarce, further reinforcing the notion that they do not exist. By nonchalantly discussing her identity, Bella inadvertently makes a powerful statement that being biSexual is valid and acceptable.

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When Bella came out, she didn’t make a big fuss about it. In fact, she simply responded to a question from a fan on Twitter. For her, it wasn’t a significant event, but unfortunately, Bella faced criticism from individuals in her industry. Bella revealed that being open about her sexuality has been challenging for her career. She shared with Maxim that she has encountered negativity from peers in the entertainment business, not even from fans. Apparently, studios have even hinted that her public image is too unconventional and may affect her career prospects.

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Despite facing opposition, Bella remains true to herself and her relationships. Currently dating Tyler Posey, she emphasizes the importance of finding someone who fully accepts you for who you are. Bella values relationships where she is completely understood and embraced as a person. Her boldness in being unapologetically herself sets an inspiring example for others who may feel alone or unsure about expressing their true selves.

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