“Dua Lipa’s Chic Ensemble in Paris with Fashion Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus”

On Sunday, Dua Lipa was seen strolling around Paris with designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. The 26-year-old singer, who is currently touring Europe with her Future Nostalgia tour, looked effortlessly chic in a sheer brown top and high-waisted jeans. She completed her stylish ensemble with sparkly silver and gold heels and carried a small black bag. Despite the busy schedule of her tour, Dua appeared to be in great spirits as she flashed a beaming smile.

Looking good: Dua Lipa looked effortlessly stylish as she stepped out in Paris with designer pal Simon Porte Jacquemus on Sunday

On Sunday, Dua Lipa and fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus were spotted in Paris looking effortlessly stylish. Dua complemented her chic outfit with statement glasses and natural makeup, letting her loose waves flow over her shoulders. Simon, known for his creation of the Le Chiquito tiny handbag, stood out in a bright pink shirt, white T-shirt and baggy cream jeans. The duo enjoyed the warm May weather by dining at an outdoor food market before meeting up with friends.

Stepping out: The singer, 26, - who is in the French capital as her Future Nostalgia tour continues around Europe - wore a sheer brown top and high-waisted jeans

Going out: The 26-year-old singer is currently in Paris for her Future Nostalgia tour across Europe and was spotted wearing a semi-sheer brown top paired with high-waisted jeans.

Style: Dua looked in great spirits as she beamed and completed her look with silver and gold sparkly heels while toting a small black bag

Dua appeared to be in high spirits as she wore a glowing smile and paired her outfit with shimmering silver and gold heels. She also carried a compact black bag for added style. Later, Dua was chauffeured around the city in Simon’s flashy yellow Porsche, ending her day on a high note. Taking some time off her busy schedule, Dua shared several pictures of her trip to Paris on Instagram, including moments spent with Simon. She posed for photos in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower and later enjoyed a fun-filled night out with her friends, complete with drinks and laughter.

Glowing: She wore her brunette tresses in loose waves over her shoulders while opting for natural makeup

Radiant: Her brown locks flowed down in gentle curls on her shoulders, as she decided to go for a fresh-faced makeup look.

Out and about: She accessorised her chic look perfectly with a pair of statement black rimmed glasses

On the go: She completed her stylish outfit flawlessly by adding a bold touch with her choice of black-framed glasses.

Here he is: Meanwhile Jacquemus founder Simon, 32, - the man behind Le Chiquito tiny handbag - caught the eye in a bright pink shirt, white T-shirt and baggy cream jeans

Look who’s here! Simon, the creator of the Le Chiquito small handbag and founder of Jacquemus, made quite the impression with his fashion choices at 32 years old. He was spotted wearing a striking pink shirt, paired with a white T-shirt and loose-fitting cream-colored jeans.

Swanky: Dua then ended her day by being taken for spin around the city in Simon's bright yellow Porsche

Dua had an amazing end to her day as Simon took her for a ride in his flashy yellow Porsche around the city. Their enjoyable time together was evident in the fun-filled pictures posted on their Instagram pages, featuring food, drinks, and activities. Dua’s second album, Future Nostalgia, was released in March 2020 and earned her three Grammy Awards, including the prestigious Album Of The Year award at the 2021 ceremony. Her ongoing Future Nostalgia Tour is scheduled to continue through the end of the year, with upcoming shows planned for Canada, Latin America, and Australia.

Pals: It came after Dua took to her Instagram to share a slew of snaps from Paris as she enjoyed downtime, including spending time with Simon

Buddies: Dua recently shared several pictures on her Instagram from her leisurely trip to Paris, where she spent quality time with Simon.

Fun: The pair looked to be enjoying the warm and sunny May weather as they dined at an outdoor food market before joining a group of other friends

The couple appeared to be having a good time basking in the pleasant and sunny May climate while relishing their meals at an open-air food market. Later on, they rendezvoused with some other buddies.

Star: Her second studio album Future Nostalgia was released in March 2020 and earned her three Grammy Awards

Dua Lipa’s sophomore album, named Future Nostalgia, hit the shelves in March of 2020 and proved to be a huge success, earning the star three coveted Grammy Awards.

Busy: The Future Nostalgia Tour will go through the end of the year, with future stops in Canada, Latin America and Australia

Exciting news for music lovers! The much-awaited Future Nostalgia Tour is all set to go on till the end of this year. Fans from Canada, Latin America, and Australia will have the opportunity to witness their favorite artist live in action. With a jam-packed schedule, this tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for all those attending.

Day out: Dua was enjoying some time off in between tour dates and took the opportunity to catch up with friends

Dua took a breather from her busy touring schedule and decided to spend some quality time with her buddies. She was definitely relishing the chance to unwind and kick back.

Tourist: She posed for shots at the Eiffel Tower, before enjoying what looked like a boozy night out with her crew

Traveler: With the iconic Eiffel Tower as the backdrop, she struck a pose for some amazing pictures. Later, it seemed like she had a fun-filled night with her companions, enjoying some drinks to revel in the Parisian nightlife.

Boozy: She larked around with her wine as she took to the streets to party

Fun: She put on an animated display

Tipsy: She danced around with her glass of wine, hitting the streets to enjoy the night.

In the street: She even lay down on the pavement for another shot as she held her wine

On the road: She went all out and sprawled on the concrete to capture another photo while clutching her glass of wine.

Busy lady: She is in Paris for her Future Nostalgia tour

Strike a pose: She took snaps in front of the Eiffel Tour

A woman with a packed schedule: She’s currently touring Paris for her Future Nostalgia concert series.

Nice views: She looked like she was having a great time in Paris

Lovely scenes: It seemed like Paris was bringing her immense joy.

Larking about: She enjoyed a snack by the side of the road as she took a break from her tour

Having fun: Taking a breather from her journey, she savored a quick bite on the roadside.

Wild: She enjoyed a boozy night of partying in Paris

Untamed: She had a fun-filled evening of alcohol-fueled celebrations in the City of Love.

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