“Feet for Fortune: Margot Robbie offered big bucks for pictures of her feet, but still rakes in millions from Barbie role”

An offer has been made to Margot Robbie, the 33-year-old actress who played the role of Barbie, to sell pictures of her feet for a whopping £250,000 (AUD$492,000). The offer was made by Fun With Feet, a platform where individuals can buy and sell foot pictures. A representative of the platform named Liz wrote a letter to Margot offering to collaborate on some Barbie inspired content that could earn them millions. Liz has also extended the offer to Ryan Gosling, who will star alongside Margot in the upcoming Barbie movie. The letter stated that they could use their likeness and the world’s obsession with all-things Barbie, combined with their feet, to make a fortune.

Margot Robbie has been offered £250,000 (AUD$492,000) to sell photos of her feet. Pictured last month

Recently, Margot Robbie was reportedly offered a whopping sum of £250,000 (AUD$492,000) in exchange for selling pictures of her feet. The actress was spotted in public just last month.

The 33-year-old Barbie actress has been offered the eye-watering sum of money to share photos of her feet by Fun With Feet

Fun With Feet has offered the Barbie actress an astounding amount of money to post pictures of her feet. This proposal comes after it was revealed that Robbie is set to earn $50 million in salary and bonuses from the highly successful film, which has already grossed over $1 billion worldwide. Robbie, aged 33, has received critical acclaim for her role in the movie and will receive a massive payout from salary and box office bonuses. The film was produced by LuckyChap Entertainment, a company founded by Robbie, her husband Tom Ackerley, and friends Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr in 2014. LuckyChap has also produced other successful works such as Promising Young Woman, Birds of Prey, and the series Maid. The incredible success of Barbie means that director Greta Gerwig is also likely to receive significant bonuses. Last weekend, Barbie became the first movie directed solely by a woman to gross over $1 billion worldwide, making history.

Robbie seen here in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

This image depicts Robbie’s appearance in the movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

It comes after news the Barbie star is set to make $50million in salary and bonuses from the mega-hit film - after the movie flew past over $1billion in worldwide box office gross

Following reports that the lead actress of Barbie is expected to earn a whopping $50 million in total earnings, including bonuses, from the highly successful movie that has surpassed a global box office gross of $1 billion.

Director Greta Gerwig is also likely to receive bonuses due to the incredible success of Barbie, which has reached $1.18 billion globally (Gerwig and Robbie pictured last month)

It is highly probable that Director Greta Gerwig will receive additional compensation because of the massive triumph of Barbie, which has garnered a staggering $1.18 billion worldwide. (A photo of Gerwig and Robbie taken last month accompanies the statement.)

The film based on the popular Mattel character, co-written by Gerwig and Baumbach, has earned a whopping $1.03 billion globally, with an additional $127 million generated from international markets. This immense success has catapulted the movie to the top of the charts, surpassing even Wonder Woman, which grossed $821.8 million worldwide. With this achievement, Barbie has become the 54th movie in history to cross the billion-dollar mark, and studio representatives have coined the term “Barbillion” in honor of its impressive performance. Unlike Frozen and Captain Marvel, which were co-directed by a man and a woman, Barbie is the highest-grossing film directed solely by a woman. In fact, it reached the $400 million domestic and $500 million international milestones faster than any other movie produced by the studio, including the Harry Potter franchise. The distribution chiefs of the studio are amazed by the film’s performance, saying that even their most optimistic predictions were exceeded by Barbillion. Although three movies co-directed by women, including Frozen, Frozen 2, and Captain Marvel, are still ahead of Barbie, the latter film has surpassed Captain Marvel domestically, earning $459.4 million versus $426.8 million, and claiming the North American record for live-action movies directed by women.

LuckyChap was founded by Robbie in 2014 with husband Tom Ackerley (pictured June 2023) and friends Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr

In 2014, Robbie along with her husband Tom Ackerley and pals Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr established LuckyChap. As of June 2023, a snapshot features Ackerley alongside Robbie.

Barbie and Gerwig made history last weekend, flying past over $1billion in worldwide box office gross, becoming the first movie directed solely by a woman to do so

Last weekend, the movie Barbie and Gerwig achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing the $1 billion mark in global box office revenue. It is noteworthy that this feat was accomplished under the sole direction of a woman, making it a significant achievement in the entertainment industry.

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