“From the Land Down Under: Margot Robbie Flaunts Retro Style in Australian Bikini During European Getaway”

In the Mediterranean near the Spanish island of Formentera, Margot Robbie was seen enjoying her time with friends on a luxurious yacht. The 32-year-old Hollywood actress, who is set to star as Barbie in an upcoming film, was captured jumping off the boat while holding hands with her companions. Later, she spent some quality time with her husband Tom Ackerley. However, it was her 70s-inspired bikini that caught the most attention due to its unique design. The set costs $146, making it affordable for many of her fans who want to copy her style. The mustard yellow triangle bikini from Triangl showcased Margot’s toned midriff and long legs as she basked under the sun. She looked stunning, indeed!

But it was her bikini grabbing all the attention because of its 70s-style design, and at $146 for the set it's not priced so high that many of her fans can't copy the style

The attention-grabbing item during her vacation was her 70s-style bikini, which fans can copy for $146. The design is still available in various sizes on the website, complete with a fully adjustable triangle top and self-tie bottoms. The Wolf Of Wall Street star spent the day on the luxury vessel with friends, including A-lister Rami Malek. She seemed to be enjoying her break from filming as she relaxed with her husband. The co-founder of Triangl bikinis previously shared how the success and fortune from the brand caused her to spiral into depression.

Margot looked incredible in the mustard yellow triangle bikini from Triangl , which highlighted her toned midriff and long legs as she soaked up the rays

You can still find this product in various sizes on the website, and it includes a triangle top and bottom that you can easily adjust. The fastenings are self-tie, so you can customize the fit to your liking.

The Oscar nominee appeared to be enjoying her break from working on the film, reclining on the back of the vessel with her spouse

The actress who was nominated for an Oscar seemed to be enjoying her break from the film she was working on, relaxing at the back of the boat with her spouse. On Instagram, Erin Deering’s life appeared to be enviable as she ran one of Australia’s hottest fashion exports with Craig Ellis, the father of two of her children. They went on holidays to the Maldives and Italy, had a home base in Monaco, had $300 million deals on the table with venture capitalists, and adorned their walls with original Andy Warhol art. However, despite the glamorous pictures, Erin, who was then in her early 30s, felt more alone than ever before and was “embarrassed” to tell her family and friends back home in Melbourne that things were not as they seemed. During her interview on the Peaches podcast with hosts Tori Clapham and Bec Chidiac, Erin opened up about the personal cost of her success, which included saying goodbye to her business partner and ex-fiancé and leaving the label in 2018.

Erin Deering, who is currently 37 years old, had a life that many envied by looking at her Instagram profile. She was running one of the hottest Australian fashion exports with Craig Ellis, who is the father of two of her children.

Originally from Melbourne the 37-year-old started Triangl alongside her ex-fiance and father of her two children, Craig Ellis, in 2012 (both pictured)

The founder of Triangl, Erin, originally hails from Melbourne and established the swimwear company with her former partner and father of her two children, Craig Ellis, in 2012. The couple came up with the idea on their second date, which was spent at the beach. Erin struggled to find a swimsuit that was fashionable, well-made, and reasonably priced for the significant occasion. After discussing the lack of suitable swimwear options for women, they decided to sell their possessions and relocate to Hong Kong to launch their own swimwear brand. Initially, they faced financial difficulties and had to borrow money from friends. Their living conditions were quite harsh, and they would eat canned food on the floor of their small apartment. Despite initially selling only one bikini per day, they eventually found success with the black binded neoprene style.

Neoprene naturally curves around a human shape with ease, which Craig suspected is why it was so revolutionary at the time (pictured is one of their winning designs)

Craig believed that Neoprene’s ability to conform effortlessly to the human form was the reason behind its groundbreaking properties. The accompanying picture showcases one of their victorious designs.

The early days: It was at this point when sales increased dramatically and Triangl was selling 2,000 pairs of bikinis and making a $150,000USD/$197,000AUD a day profit

During the early days of Triangl, sales skyrocketed as the company sold 2,000 pairs of bikinis each day, resulting in a profit of $150,000USD/$197,000AUD. The brand relied heavily on social media to spread awareness because of budget constraints preventing them from using billboards, PR agents, and advertising. They took a unique approach by using neoprene instead of nylon or printed fabrics, which they had also experimented with. This decision was driven by the fact that neoprene naturally conforms to the human body, making it a revolutionary choice at the time. The popularity of Triangl grew so much that model Kendall Jenner became interested in the brand, requested samples, and began posting pictures on Twitter. While celebrity endorsements helped the brand gain attention, the founder believes that organic and natural promotion is more effective than pushing products onto people.

The couple at the time where living in Monaco and appeared to constantly be on vacation

The pair resided in Monaco and seemed to never run out of vacation ideas.

'It doesn't mind what's going on in your physical outside world, if the inside is chaos nothing will matter,' she told the podcast hosts

During a podcast, she revealed that no matter what is happening in the outside world, if the inside is chaotic, nothing else will matter. She also mentioned that Triangl hit the sweet spot with their price point of under $150AUD, which was reasonable yet expensive enough to ensure good quality. Consequently, the sales of the company skyrocketed, and they were making a daily profit of $150,000USD/$197,000AUD by selling 2,000 pairs of bikinis. However, this success came with a price, and Erin experienced great discomfort and lost a part of herself during this period. Her relationship with Craig also fell apart at the same time she left the business.

Erin was able to treat herself to designer clothes (pictured in a Saint Laurent store)

Triangl's neoprene bikinis were very popular

Erin marked Triangl’s 10th anniversary on March 15 by sharing a post on her Instagram account.

Eventually she went and saw a therapist, met her current partner Zachary Keane (pictured) - who has she two other children with - and began looking forward to a brighter future

After some time, she decided to seek help from a therapist that led her to meet her current partner, Zachary Keane, with whom she has two other children. This marked a turning point for her as she started looking forward to a brighter future. Recently, on March 15th, Erin took to Instagram to celebrate Triangl’s 10 year anniversary. In her post, she reflected on the challenges she faced in the early years and how she struggled with her identity, self-worth, and mental health. Despite her difficulties, Erin has been open about her experiences in the hopes of helping others who may be going through similar struggles.

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