“Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan Film Heart of The Stone in London, Sporting Relaxed Attire and UGG Boots”

The production of Heart of Stone, an American spy movie directed by Tom Harper, is currently being filmed in Holborn, London. Recently, the film’s stars, Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan, were spotted getting into character outside a local fish and chip shop. Gal, who previously starred in Wonder Women, appeared to be in a cheerful mood as she left the vintage diner wearing a neat white shirt with an open collar.

Exciting: Filming is underway in London for the upcoming spy film Heart of Stone directed by Tom Harper as Gal Gadot (pictured) and Jamie Dornan were seen for the first time getting into character

Dapper: The Fifty Shades of Grey actor, 40, looked smart as he filmed outside a fish and chip shop on Wednesday

Exciting news for movie fans as filming for the upcoming spy film Heart of Stone has begun in London. On Wednesday, Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan were spotted getting into character on set. Gal Gadot was seen sporting a casual look with blue skinny jeans, a thick black belt, black UGG boots, and a tan wool jacket. She looked radiant with a stylish up-do, leaving her fringe and the rest of her hair down. Meanwhile, Jamie Dornan looked dapper in a black suit, white shirt, and a blue striped tie. Although he didn’t look as cheerful as Gal, his appearance was sharp and suave. Keep an eye out for more updates on this thrilling spy film!

Filming: Gal, 37, seemed in high spirits as she was seen leaving the cozy old school diner in a crisp white open collar shirt

Gal, aged 37, appeared to be in a cheerful mood as she exited the nostalgic diner, sporting a fresh white shirt with an unbuttoned collar. The filming session seemed to have gone well for her.

High Spirits: The duo in May took to Instagram to share a selfie at a table in the chippy with plates full of food as they were joined by two co-stars Paul Reddy, 45, (back left) and Jing Lusi, 37, (back right)

The pair decided to share a happy moment on Instagram where they were seen at a table in a chippy enjoying plates of food. They were joined by two fellow cast members, Paul Reddy and Jing Lusi, who posed for the camera as well. Paul wore a dark jacket over a tan top and sported a beaming smile, while Jing held up two peace signs as she leaned in for the selfie. It was also announced in September 2021 that Gal will lead the cast of Heart of Stone, portraying the character Rachel Stone.

Co-stars: Paul Reddy beamed in a dark coloured jacket over a tan top while the Crazy Rich Asians actress held up two peace signs leaning in for the snap (left to right Gal, Jamie, Paul, Jing)

The actors posing for a photo were Paul Reddy and Jing, with Gal and Jamie also joining in. Paul was seen wearing a dark jacket over a tan top, while the Crazy Rich Asians star flashed two peace signs while leaning in for the snap.

Chic: Gal cut a casual figure in blue skinny jeans with a think black belt around and black UGG boots as she held onto a tan wool jacket

Fashionable: Gal looked effortlessly stylish in her blue skinny jeans paired with a thick black belt and comfy black UGG boots. To complete her look, she draped a tan wool jacket over her shoulders.

Looking good: The brunette beauty beamed as she swept half of her shoulder length tresses back in a stylish up-do while leaving her fringe and the rest down

Appearing fabulous: The dark-haired stunner shone with delight as she fashioned a chic up-do with half of her hair while keeping the fringe and remaining hair down.

Smart: Jamie didn't seem quite as happy as Gal, he did look dapper in a black suit and white shirt which he paired with a blue striped tie around his neck

Chilled: The Tourist actor seemed relaxed as he stood outside the diner with his hand in his pocket

Jamie appeared less thrilled than Gal, but he still looked sharp in his black suit, white shirt, and blue striped tie. The cast of the upcoming spy thriller includes Sophie Okonedo, Alia Bhatt, and Matthias Schweighöfer. The plot of the film is currently being kept secret. Tom, who is known for directing Peaky Blinders and Aeronauts, will direct the movie, which was written by Greg Rucka and Allison Roeder. Skydance Media, the production company behind Mission: Impossible: Fallout, The Old Guard, and Annihilation, is developing the film. After a fierce bidding war, Netflix secured the rights to the movie.

Congrats: In September 2021, Gal was announced to be leading the cast of Heart of Stone playing the role of Rachel Stone

Awesome news! Gal has been selected to lead the cast of Heart of Stone as Rachel Stone. The announcement was made in September 2021.

Action: Jamie was surrounded by crew members as he filming the Netflix spy film

Jamie found himself in the midst of a group of crew members while shooting his latest Netflix spy movie.

Break: Gal was seen taking a break enjoying a bottle of water

During her break, Gal was spotted enjoying a refreshing bottle of water.

On set: The plot to the film is being kept under wraps for the time being. So far it is being described only as a spy thriller

While on the set, the storyline for the movie is being kept top secret for now. At this point, all we know is that it’s a spy thriller.

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