“Gal Gadot Speaks Up on Hollywood Stunt Claims, with Tom Cruise as Exception”

Discover what the star of Wonder Woman reveals regarding her experience with performing stunts.

Actors often boast about doing their own stunts as it is considered a symbol of their courage and expertise. However, Gal Gadot has a different perspective on the matter. The renowned actress, famous for her role as Wonder Woman, disclosed that she significantly increased her involvement in stunt work for her upcoming Netflix movie Heart of Stone. Despite this, she also emphasised that she is content with sharing the load with her experienced stunt team. In addition to discussing her own experience with stunts, the conversation inevitably turned to Tom Cruise, another actor who is well-known for performing daring stunts.

Gal Gadot says Tom Cruise is only actor who does all his own stunts

As Gal Gadot’s electrifying flick on Netflix continues to top the charts, the actress took a moment to talk about her work on Heart of Stone, which she also produced. Describing it as a “full-on physical” project, Gadot revealed that she had to engage in intense combat scenes, dive into the sea, and scamper up a mountain. However, she was quick to point out that she didn’t do everything alone. In fact, Gadot found it hard to believe when actors claimed to have done all their stunts without assistance. Tom Cruise was the only exception, as he truly performs his own stunts.

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Although Tom Cruise has made it appear effortless, other action stars don’t necessarily share his enthusiasm for jumping off cliffs and scaling enormous buildings. Gal Gadot considers Cruise to be the exception among big-name actors who prefer to rely on their stunt teams for some of the more challenging stunts. In an interview with Flaunt magazine, Gadot expressed her admiration for stunt professionals, recognizing their hard work, dedication, and risk-taking. She also acknowledged the incredible stunt team she had worked with on numerous projects, including
Fast Furious
and Warner Bros’ DCEU. Despite not being an adrenaline junkie like Cruise, Gadot is a real-life Wonder Woman who brings female-led action characters to the screen, as demonstrated in her latest film,
Heart of Stone
. Although the movie has been watched by millions worldwide, it received negative reviews from critics, including CinemaBlend’s
Heart of Stone
review, which gave it a low score of 1.5 out of 5 stars, describing it as “cringy” and a “mess.” You can view the movie yourself on Netflix and draw your own conclusions.

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