“Keeping Cozy in Cold London: Gal Gadot Wraps Up in a Padded Coat and Hot Water Bottle While Filming an Advert”

Gal Gadot, who grew up in the sunny country of Israel, currently lives in the warm city of Los Angeles. Recently, she faced some difficulty adjusting to the cold winter weather while shooting a Coca Cola commercial in London. Despite the chilly conditions, the 34-year-old actress appeared to be enjoying herself as she bravely soldiered on with the shoot while holding a hot water bottle close to her chest.

Cold: She was raised in Israel and now resides in Los Angeles. So Gal Gadot found herself struggling with the English winter as she filmed a Coca Cola advert in London on Saturday

Gal Gadot, the Israeli-born actress who now calls Los Angeles home, faced a chilly challenge as she filmed a Coca Cola commercial in London recently. Despite the cold weather, the Superwoman star looked stylish on set in an all-white outfit, complete with a white Tna at Aritzia coat over a cream blouse, skinny jeans, and brown ankle boots. The talented actress, who recently won a Critics’ Choice Award, has also been busy launching her own production company.

Chic: The Superwoman star cut a chic figure on set as she donned an all-white ensemble for the day

The actress portraying Superwoman looked stylish as ever while filming, dressed in a crisp white outfit from head to toe.

Ready to work: Clutching a hot water bottle to her chest, the 34-year-old actress still seemed to be in good spirits as she threw herself into filming

With a hot water bottle clutched to her chest, the 34-year-old actress showed no signs of slowing down as she threw herself into filming. The star of Wonder Woman has joined forces with her husband, Jaron Varsano, whom she married in 2008 and shares two daughters, Alma (7) and Maya (2), with. Together, they have launched Pilot Wave. Gal Gadot shared the exciting news on her Instagram account, stating that they have been working on this project for some time and can’t wait to bring all their amazing stories to life with their talented partners.

Fashion: The Critics' Choice Awards winner donned a cream blouse which she paired with drainpipe jeans

The awardee of the Critics’ Choice Awards chose to wear a cream-colored blouse that she matched with skinny jeans.

Outfit: Letting her brunette locks fall loose down her shoulders, Gal added height to her frame with a pair of ankle boots

Attire: Gal left her brown hair flowing freely over her shoulders and boosted her height with ankle boots.

Beauty: Gal looked nothing short of sensational as she filmed the advert on a busy street

Appearance: Gal’s appearance was absolutely stunning while shooting the advertisement in a bustling street.

On location: A bright yellow taxi was parked on the road as the crew set up production

During the filming, the production team set up their equipment around a vibrant yellow cab parked on the street.

Career: Gal's commercial filming comes after she launched her own production company last month

Gal’s foray into commercial filming follows the recent launch of her own production company, Pilot Wave. As a producer, Gal aims to bring inspiring stories to life and create impactful content that showcases unique perspectives and experiences. The company’s debut project will be Irena Sendler, a historical thriller that tells the story of a woman’s courageous fight against Nazi occupation in Poland and her heroic efforts to save 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. Gal will star as the titular character and co-produce the film alongside her husband Jaron and Marc Platt.

Busy: The Wonder Woman star has teamed up with husband Jaron Varsano - who she has been married to since 2008 - to form Pilot Wave

Gal Gadot, the lead actress in Wonder Woman, and her husband Jaron Varsano have recently collaborated to create a new production company called Pilot Wave. Married since 2008, the dynamic duo are keeping themselves busy with this exciting new venture.

Scene: The car helped the London street transform into New York for the commercial

The promotional advertisement saw the car as a transformative element which changed the street of London into a replica of New York.

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