“Margot Robbie flaunts bronzed legs during errands run amidst social media buzz over Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s recent confession”

Over the weekend, Margot Robbie’s name became a trending topic on Twitter as users speculated about her past romantic involvement with Will Smith. However, the Birds Of Prey actress seemed unaffected by the rumors as she visited an office building in Santa Monica with a friend on Sunday. Robbie looked relaxed and comfortable in a pair of rolled-up denim shorts that flattered her tanned and toned legs.

Legs for days: Margot Robbie, 30, showed off her tanned and toned legs in jean shorts on Sunday as she visited an office building in Santa Monica with a friend

On Sunday, Margot Robbie, an Australian actress, showcased her long and toned legs in jean shorts while visiting an office building in Santa Monica with a friend. She paired her shorts with a plain white T-shirt, comfortable-looking white and gray Reebok trainers, and tied her dirty blonde hair in a low ponytail. Despite the surge of the novel coronavirus throughout Southern California and much of the US, the 30-year-old star wore a pale yellow mask to slow down its spread. In addition to her outfit, she accessorized with some delicate jewelry, including a diamond ring from Zoe Lev. After climbing out of her friend’s vintage white Porsche, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actress headed into the office building carrying a thin white jacket and a red baseball cap. She looked like she was ready for a party with a champagne flute in hand.

Party time? Margot also wore a plain white T-shirt and white Reebok trainers. She looked as if she was ready to party by carrying a lone champagne flute

Ready to celebrate? Margot was spotted donning a plain white t-shirt and white Reebok sneakers, while holding a champagne flute. She looked like she was all set for a party! Interestingly, the actress’ name became a hot topic on Twitter after an explosive conversation between Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada confessed to having an extramarital affair in the past, leading Twitter users to speculate if Margot had a fling with her Suicide Squad co-star, who is 51 years old. Some viewers even questioned if Will hinted at his own affair during the chat on Red Table Talk. With all the rumors swirling around, social media users were definitely not holding back their thoughts on the matter.

Getting attention: Margot was trending on Friday following Will Smith's bombshell Red Table Talk conversation with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith in which she admitted to an affair with singer August Alsina; pictured in 2016

Margot gained social media attention on Friday due to Will Smith’s Red Table Talk conversation with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, where she admitted to having an affair with August Alsina. Margot briefly trended on Twitter along with Will, and some users made sex jokes about the actors. One user named Jack joked about Margot being on top of Will, while another shared a video of her playing a game with Jimmy Fallon in which she revealed that Will was the answer to her mystery question but chose to take a shot instead of revealing it.

Crude: Margot was briefly among the trending topics on Twitter, along with Will, which led one user to make a sex joke about the actors

Rephrased: Margot and Will briefly became a hot topic on Twitter. Unfortunately, one user decided to make a distasteful joke about the actors’ personal lives.

Mum's the word: A clip from The Tonight Show in December 2018 showed Margot answering 'Will Smith' to a personal question, then choosing to take a shot rather than reveal the question

In a clip from The Tonight Show in December 2018, Margot Robbie was asked a personal question and chose to take a shot instead of answering with “Will Smith” being her only response. Recently, Twitter users have been joking about the connection between this clip and rumors surrounding Will and Jada Smith’s marriage. Some have shared funny videos and memes, while others have praised Margot for never divulging any information.

Not involved: Another user going by Ally tweeted a short clip of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes claiming she wasn't involved in a dispute with her costars

Uninvolved: Ally, a different user, posted a brief video clip on Twitter featuring NeNe Leakes, a star from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, stating that she is not caught up in any conflict with her fellow cast members.

Having a laugh: Another person tweeted a funny video of a man jumping over a fence in a single motion and walking forward determinedly. 'Will jumping over Margot Robbie gate, right after red table talk,' they wrote

Chuckles for the day: A Twitter user shared an amusing clip of a man effortlessly leaping over a fence and striding forward with purpose. The caption read, “Watch me hop Margot Robbie’s gate right after watching red table talk.”

Staying quiet: One person joked that Margot never 'snitched' about the rumored tryst

Remaining silent: Someone made a lighthearted comment that Margot was good at keeping secrets and never spilled the beans about the alleged affair.

Standing up for her: Many of the tweets were filled with misogynistic jokes about Robbie, though a few users came to Margot's defense

Several tweets were found to be containing insulting jokes aimed at Robbie’s gender, while only a handful of users stood up for her and defended her. Margot Robbie claims that she does not engage with her coworkers in a romantic manner, and there is no concrete evidence of her having an affair with Will Smith. One user named Keiley Kaiser pointed out that it is none of our business if Will and Jada are in an open relationship and that we should stop interfering in the personal lives of celebrities.

Turning their attention: After Jada, 48, admitted to having an affair with the singer–songwriter August Alsina, 27, some of Will's comments led viewers to question whether he'd had his own dalliances in the past; shown in 2016

When Jada Pinkett Smith confessed to having an affair with August Alsina, her husband Will Smith’s comments raised questions about his own past indiscretions. However, the actor reassured viewers that the couple had made mistakes and were able to overcome them without jeopardizing their family. Some social media users speculated that Will may have cheated on Jada during one of their breaks, as hinted at by Jada herself. Despite this, the couple seems to have moved past their issues and remain committed to each other.

Mistakes? The Gemini Man star said the couple had 'made mistakes without fear of losing' their family

According to the Gemini Man actor, both he and his partner have made errors in judgment but haven’t been afraid of risking their family in the process.

In the past: Some viewers also picked up on Jada's contention that Will had already gotten his revenge, as pointed out by the Mirror

Previously, some viewers had noticed Jada’s statement about Will already getting his revenge, which was reported by the Mirror. This was in reference to an incident in November 2013 when photos of Will and Margot in a photo booth were published by Star Magazine, leading to rumors of impropriety. One photo showed Will with his arm around Margot’s throat as they made faces at the camera, while another showed them both exposing their chests. Margot denied any wrongdoing on Twitter, stating that the photos were taken out of context and that she and Will had just been goofing around on set. Margot had previously commented on her natural chemistry with Will during their audition for the film.

Old school: Back in November 2013, Margot was forced to deny any impropriety with Will after photos of the two getting intimate in a photo booth were published by Star Magazine; shown with Cara Delevingne in 2016

In November 2013, Margot had to clear the air after Star Magazine published photos of her and Will being cozy in a photo booth. However, that’s old news now as she was seen hanging out with Cara Delevingne in 2016.

Risqué: In one photo, Margot pulled her shirt up to expose her bra, while will pulled his shirt up and touched his naked chest against her back; still from Focus (2015)

Margot and Will got a little daring in a photo from the movie Focus (2015). Margot lifted her shirt to reveal her bra, while Will pulled his up and pressed his bare chest against her back. It was definitely a risqué move!

Alone time: An eyewitness on set claimed to Radar Online that Margot jumped on Will's back and he carried her back to his luxury trailer on set, skipping the movie's wrap party; still from Focus

During the filming of Focus in 2015, Margot Robbie and Will Smith took photos together in a photo booth. According to Radar Online, the actors were alone at the time and not part of a set party. An eyewitness on-set revealed that Margot playfully jumped on Will’s back and he carried her back to his luxury trailer, skipping the movie’s wrap party. Although Will won’t be returning for DC’s upcoming sequel The Suicide Squad, he and Margot have worked together before on the film.

First collaboration: The two actors took the photos while filming 2015's Focus, in which Will played an experienced con man who took a young grifter, played by Margot, under his wing

During the making of the film “Focus” in 2015, Will Smith, who portrayed a seasoned con artist, and Margot Robbie, who played a novice scammer, joined forces to capture some behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Second time: Will and Margot worked together again on DC's Suicide Squad, though his character won't be returning for its confusingly titled upcoming sequel The Suicide Squad

Will and Margot teamed up once more for the DC film Suicide Squad, but unfortunately his character will not be making a comeback in its upcoming sequel, which has a perplexing name.

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