Miley Cyrus gets emotional as she welcomes new furry friend Angel after grieving the passing of beloved dog Mary Jane: ‘My heart is overflowing with love’

Miley Cyrus has been feeling down lately after losing her cherished dog, Mary Jane. However, things are starting to look up since the singer has added a new member to her furry family. She couldn’t contain her joy and shed tears of happiness while introducing her new pit bull rescue, Angel, to her massive following on Instagram. This comes a month after she had to say goodbye to Mary Jane, which was a heart-wrenching experience for her.

Puppy love: Miley Cyrus shed happy tears Sunday, as she introduced her new pit bull rescue Angel to her 124million Instagram followers

Miley Cyrus was overjoyed on Sunday as she introduced her new pit bull rescue, Angel, to her 124million Instagram followers, shedding happy tears.

Tragic loss: It came one month after she bid a devastating farewell to her beloved dog Mary Jane

Heartbreaking Tragedy: The devastating loss came just a month after bidding farewell to her beloved rescue pit mix, Mary Jane. In a heartfelt tribute shared on social media, the 28-year-old expressed her belief that Mary Jane was not gone forever, but had simply outlived her physical body. With unwavering loyalty and love, Mary Jane had whispered a promise to her “bestie” with her eyes: they would reunite soon. The reality of losing Mary Jane was difficult to bear, but the arrival of a new furry family member brought comfort. Her name is Angel, aptly named because she was delivered by Mary Jane, who continues to watch over them. It saddens her deeply to think that Angel spent three months sleeping on concrete in a shelter before finally finding her forever home.

The writer, aged 28, expressed that Mary Jane was a symbol of faithfulness and honor, never failing to keep her word. The presence of Mary Jane was felt as a new family member, named “Angel,” was welcomed into the writer’s life. This arrival was believed to have been facilitated by Mary Jane herself, indicating her protection as a guardian angel.

Fitting right in: Miley continued to gush over Angel, who seemed to be fitting in quite nicely with the rest of her canine brood: 'I am head over heels in love. Not sure I will ever sleep again because I can't take my eyes off of her! Her halo shines for all to see and I can't wait to show her off!'

Miley couldn’t stop raving about Angel, who appeared to be settling in comfortably with her other furry companions. She expressed her love and admiration, admitting that she was so smitten with Angel that she found it challenging to look away from her. Miley went on to say that Angel exuded an aura of goodness that was visible to everyone. She was ecstatic about the prospect of showing Angel off to others.

Happy tears: She added: 'It's pretty cool having an Angel on a leash! She is illuminated by the aura of the late and great Mary Jane. Long live love. It never dies. * ALL THE TEARS YOU SEE IN THIS SLIDE ARE HAPPY ONES *'

Tears of joy were shed as she expressed her excitement about having an Angel on a leash. She finds it amazing that the Angel is surrounded by the energy and spirit of Mary Jane, who has passed away. Love prevails forever, and all the tears you witness in this photo are of happiness.

Life imitating art: Miley included lyrics from her and John Travolta's song I Thought I Lost You from their 2008 Disney animated movie Bolt, in which she voiced a girl who loses and eventually reunites with her dog

Miley Cyrus incorporated the lyrics of her and John Travolta’s song, I Thought I Lost You, from the 2008 Disney animated film Bolt. In the movie, Miley voiced a character who lost and then reunited with her dog. She expressed her love for Angel, her new furry friend who appeared to be settling in well with her other dogs. Miley couldn’t take her eyes off Angel and was thrilled to show her off to the world, describing her as an angel with a glowing aura reminiscent of her late dog Mary Jane. Miley felt immense happiness and joy and shed happy tears with her new addition to the family.

Live lullaby: Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus, 59, serenaded his daughter and his grand-dog via Zoom in one clip, which was unfortunately posted without audio

In a heartwarming moment captured on Zoom, Billy Ray Cyrus, aged 59, sang a soothing lullaby to his daughter Miley and his furry grandchild. However, the video was shared without any sound, leaving fans disappointed.

Grandma Tish: Angel also took a liking to Miley's mom Tish, 53, who stopped by to visit

Angel, the dog, also grew fond of Tish, Miley’s mother who came to visit. Grandma Tish, aged 53, received a warm welcome from the pooch.

Pit bull pals: Miley thanked Lisa Chiarelli of the dog rescue Frankie, Lola and Friends, 'for her dedication in fighting for the lives of pit bulls   finding me my perfect fit'

Miley expressed her gratitude towards Lisa Chiarelli of Frankie, Lola and Friends dog rescue for her unwavering commitment to saving the lives of pit bulls and for helping her find the perfect pit bull companion. Lisa emphasized that finding the right fit for both the dog and the owner is crucial and not just about who comes first. Miley’s recent adoption comes after the passing of her beloved dog Mary Jane due to cancer, whom she considered more than just a pet but a divine connection with an incomparable love.

Incomparable love: It comes after Miley revealed last month that Mary Jane died from cancer: 'It was something more than a friend or family member. Something so different. You can't define it. Our connection was purely DIVINE. An incomparable love'

Unmatched Affection: After Miley shared the news of Mary Jane’s passing due to cancer last month, she described their relationship as something beyond just a friendship or familial bond. It was a unique and unexplainable connection that was purely divine, an unparalleled love.

In loving memory: The Hannah Montana star also took to Instagram at the time with a previously unreleased track entitled Mary Jane 5EVR, a heartbreaking ballad inspired by her pal

As a tribute to her beloved friend, the famous actress and singer, known for her role in Hannah Montana, shared a previously unreleased track called Mary Jane 5EVR on Instagram. This heartbreaking ballad was inspired by her late pet dog, Mary Jane, who passed away some time ago. Miley Cyrus revealed that she composed this song many years ago while playing the piano in a house that no longer exists. She further added that life has changed dramatically since then, but music is still her ultimate source of relief. The song revolves around the theme of loss and heartbreak, which she currently feels after losing Mary Jane. Miley described her furry friend as a true queen who gracefully wore her dignity and kindness like a crown. She ended the post by stating that MJ will always be missed and never forgotten, and it was an honor being her mom and best friend.

Perfect fit: Lisa Chiarelli of the dog rescue Frankie, Lola and Friends wrote on Instagram: 'It's never about first come, first serve. It's about the right fit for the dog and the right fit for the human. Angel and her mama @mileycyrus and her two doggie siblings are the perfect fit'

According to Lisa Chiarelli, the founder of dog rescue Frankie, Lola and Friends, finding a home for a dog is not just a matter of getting there first. It’s important to find the right match between the dog and its new owner. Recently, Miley Cyrus adopted a new dog named Angel, and according to Chiarelli, she and her new family are a perfect match.

Wow: Lisa shared Angel's story as well

Oh my goodness, Lisa also recounted Angel’s tale!

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