“Miley Cyrus Recalls Terrifying Lightning Strike on Tour Plane During NBC Interview”

During an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Miley Cyrus recounted the frightening experience of her tour plane being struck by lightning while flying over South America. The singer, who appeared on the show in a pink dress and blonde hair with brunette tips, revealed that the incident occurred when she was en route to her next concert in March. Feeling scared and unsure of the safety, Miley sought comfort in her mother’s lap and shed tears during the unexpected weather event.

Really scary: Miley Cyrus shared details of the lighting strike that hit her tour plane when she was flying over South American on Monday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers

Miley Cyrus appeared on Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers and shared a frightening experience. During her tour, her plane got struck by lightning while flying over South America. As a result, they had to do an emergency landing in the middle of the forest. Her bandmates still wanted to perform despite the floods and sinking stage, but Miley insisted they head straight to Brazil where they had a show in a couple of days. They used the time to recuperate and prepare for their next performance.

Mother's lap: 'I was in my mom's lap because I was pretty sure it didn't matter about the seat belts at this point….crying because I was scared,' Miley, 29, said referencing her mother Tish

Miley, who is now 29 years old, recalled a scary incident from her childhood when she was in her mother Tish’s lap. She explained that she was crying and scared at the time because she thought the seat belts didn’t matter. The whole family was affected by the incident and found it traumatizing. Despite this memory, Miley is excited to be doing another NBC New Year’s Eve special. She expressed that although she typically goes with the flow, having a set tradition for New Year’s is something she welcomes because it provides her with boundaries.

Emergency landing: 'We had to do this emergency landing and we were in the middle of South America and I was actually on my way to a show, which by that point had been flooded and canceled,' Miley said

During an interview, Miley revealed that she had to make an emergency landing in South America while traveling to a show that was ultimately canceled due to flooding. Despite the setback, Miley is determined to keep it together and make it to her New Year’s performance without incident. She also reflected on her past behavior, admitting that her wild twerking days caused her to be overlooked for live TV opportunities. The interviewer asked Miley about her experience working with Pete Davidson during their previous New Year’s special co-hosting gig.

Former twerker: 'I wasn't asked to do a lot of live TV,' Miley said in reference to her wild twerking days

According to Miley, during her twerking phase, she wasn’t given many opportunities to perform live on television. She also shared that she got nervous when Seth Meyers kept joking about not showing up for their interview, but he did eventually arrive and did a great job. Speaking about her T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial with Dolly Parton, Miley mentioned that it was incredible to work with her famous godmother, who still communicates through fax despite the commercial being for phones.

Famous godmother: Seth also questioned Miley about her T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial with her godmother Dolly Parton, 76

During an interview with Seth, Miley revealed some interesting details about her famous godmother, Dolly Parton, who she starred alongside in a T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial. Despite both using phones, Miley explained that Dolly prefers to send faxes, which are then scanned and converted into text messages. In addition, Dolly once made a demo of a high-tech gadget using a cassette tape, which was voice demoed onto a flip phone and eventually sent to Miley’s iPhone. Seth also brought up Miley’s cover of Dolly’s “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” on Saturday Night Live, and Miley shared that it was actually the show’s executive producer, Lorne Michaels, who chose the song last-minute. Afterward, Dolly sent Miley a fax praising her performance.

Fax machine: 'We do use the phone but she does a fax, and then someone scans the fax and then they put it into a text message and that gets sent to me,' Miley explained

Miley Cyrus revealed that her collaborator Dolly Parton prefers to send faxes instead of using the phone. The process involves scanning the fax and sending it as a text message to Miley. Dolly values originality in music and doesn’t want anyone to simply copy her work. Miley praised Dolly for leaving a lasting impact on the world with her big hair, big personality, and incredible talent. Miley appeared on the show to promote her new live album, Attention: Miley Live, which features a set list curated by fans.

Live album: Miley appeared on the show to promote her new live album Attention: Miley Live

Miley Cyrus made an appearance on a recent show to promote her new live album, Attention: Miley Live. During the interview, she expressed her excitement about being able to celebrate live music after two years of being in a cocoon due to the pandemic. Miley acknowledged that many people have been struggling with anxiety and social connection since the pandemic began. She hoped that her album would bring some hope and joy to her fans and make her feel more comfortable connecting with them again. Miley also shared that giving back was important to her, which is why she created the Happy Hippie foundation. She believes that everyone deserves the freedom to express themselves, no matter their identity, and she wants to fight against the injustice faced by those who are not as fortunate as she has been in terms of familial support.

Philanthropic efforts: For Miley, the album wasn't her only way of giving back but she also does so through her Happy Hippie foundation

Miley isn’t just focused on her music album but also makes philanthropic efforts through her Happy Hippie foundation.

Warm welcome: The pop star received a warm welcome as she took the stage

Greeting: The famous singer was greeted with enthusiasm as she stepped onto the stage. She shared that being true to herself is crucial in her music because it allows her to connect with others who can relate to the struggles she’s experienced, even if they’re different from her own. Miley expressed her passion for her work, saying that performing gives her a sense of fulfillment. For those who are interested, Miley Live is now available thanks to Columbia Records, having been released on April 1.

Fulfilling work: 'I love it. It fulfills me,' Miley said of her foundation's work

Miley expressed her adoration for the work done by her foundation, stating that it brings her a sense of fulfillment.

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