Miley Cyrus Shines in a Blue Metallic Catsuit: Capturing the Futuristic Aura of The Matrix

At POPSUGAR, the editorial team operates independently and handpicks products that they genuinely enjoy and believe their audience will appreciate. In the event that you purchase a recommended item through their website, they may receive an affiliate commission to sustain their work. Miley Cyrus wowed fans with her performance at Lollapalooza Chile in a stunning blue metallic bodysuit and high-rise leggings from Maison Close’s Blue Angel collection. The pop star’s stylist, Bradley Kenneth, elevated her look by adding chunky-soled leather Ganni boots, black leather gloves, silver hoop earrings, sparkly blue eye shadow, and reflective Oakley sunglasses. She completed her rock-star ensemble with a matching blue shoulder bag from Diesel’s fall 2022 collection. Cyrus is renowned for her fondness for catsuits, having recently sported designs by designers such as Pam Hogg, Maison Close, and Saint Laurent. Fans of this trend can easily purchase Cyrus’s Lollapalooza outfit online.

Miley Cyrus's Outfit at Lollapalooza Chile

Marcelo Hernandez took a snapshot of Miley Cyrus’s outfit during her appearance at Lollapalooza Chile.

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Hey, have you seen this amazing picture by Marcelo Hernandez on Getty Images? It’s seriously mind-blowing! The way he has captured the moment is just perfect. I love the vibrant colors and the composition is simply spotless. This photo is a true work of art and deserves to be appreciated for its beauty and uniqueness. Hats off to Marcelo for his incredible talent and creativity. Keep up the awesome work, man!

This stunning image was captured by Marcelo Hernandez of Getty Images.

The photograph captured by Marcelo Hernandez of Getty is an absolutely breathtaking masterpiece.

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