“Poolside Perfection: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Bikini Bod at Posh $3k Hotel”

Miley Cyrus flaunted her fit physique while striking poses at Amangiri, a popular celebrity hangout in Utah. She accompanied her photo with a witty caption that referenced a quote from the 1976 Richard Pryor film, Carwash. The remark may have alluded to her complex dating history. Even for the affluent, spending the night at Amangiri is an indulgence, with room rates starting at $3,000. However, Miley made the most of her time at the posh resort, sharing various snaps on social media. She confidently pranced around the stunning pool area while her sister, Brandi, took photographs of her.

Rock star: Miley Cyrus shows off her bikini body as she strips down to pose in the pool of her $3k luxury hotel in Utah on Thursday

Miley Cyrus, the celebrated rock star, was spotted flaunting her bikini body in a luxurious $3k hotel in Utah on Thursday. In the pictures, Miley was sporting black bikini pants and a white crop top, with her hair tied up in a messy bun. One of the images was captioned with a quote from Richard Pryor’s 1976 movie Carwash, which read, “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be, more of a woman than you’ll ever get!” Miley credited singer Sam Smith for inspiring the quote, which could be an allusion to her complicated romantic past. The 26-year-old recently separated from husband Liam Hemsworth after eight months of marriage. Following their split, she briefly dated Kaitlynn Carter, the ex-wife of reality TV personality Brody Jenner.

Living it up: Quoting from the 1976 Richard Pryor movie Carwash, she captioned one image: 'I'm more of a man than you'll ever be,   more of a woman than you'll ever get!'

Enjoying life to the fullest, she referenced a classic line from the 1976 film Carwash by Richard Pryor in her post. With a playful tone, she captioned one of her photos with the humorous quote: “I possess more masculinity than you can ever attain and more femininity than you can ever experience!”

Live goals: Another shot, showing her dancing across a stone footpath over the pool, was captioned: 'Goodbyes are never easy... but g2g (got to go)'

The live goals of Miley Cyrus were captured in a shot where she danced on a stone footpath over the pool. She had also posted a caption, saying goodbye is always difficult, but she had to go. Brandi, who was with her, felt the same way and shared some photos of Miley taking their mother Tish’s picture. The three of them had a great time bonding at the resort and relished the opportunity to reconnect.

Family time: Brandi shared a picture of Miley, as she photographed their bikini-clad mom Tish, captioning the shot BTS (behind the scenes)

Brandi recently posted a photo of their mother Tish, who was clad in a bikini and being photographed by Miley. The caption on the picture read “BTS” (behind the scenes). However, despite having a great time with her family, Miley has realized that traveling with parents can have its drawbacks. She shared a picture of herself seated inside with her back to the windows, tapping away on her screen. Miley revealed that her mother called this behavior “disgusting.” Despite being an adult, she was scolded for looking like a “bratty millennial,” which Miley found amusing. She wondered if it was wrong for her to like the picture and want to post it.

And why not? Brandi is enjoying the perks of being Miley's big sister

Why not indeed? Brandi is making the most out of being Miley’s older sibling.

Pure luxury: The 32-year-old shared pictures from inside the luxury spot

Pure luxury: The 32-year-old shared pictures from inside the luxury spot

The luxurious location was showcased in snapshots by the 32-year-old, exuding pure opulence.

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