Soaking in the Sun: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Toned Legs in a Sleek Black Bathing Suit at Cabo San Lucas

Since November, rumors of Miley Cyrus and drummer Maxx Morando’s relationship have been circulating after they were seen together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion event. The couple was spotted again on Saturday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where Miley donned a sleek black swimsuit and displayed her toned legs. She was seen applying sunblock on her hotel patio while enjoying another day in the sun with the musician.

Looking amazing: She's been linked to the drummer since November, after they posed together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show. And on Saturday, Miley Cyrus slipped on a black bathing suit for another day in the sun with musician Maxx Morando while on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Miley Cyrus has been romantically linked to drummer Maxx Morando since November, when they were seen together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show. They were spotted once again on Saturday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where Miley wore a black spaghetti strap bathing suit with a low-cut back and a blue bucket hat. She went makeup-free and had her hair pulled back into a bun. The singer was carrying a bottle of sunscreen as she prepared for another day of sunbathing. Maxx, who is 23 years old, joined her on the hotel patio wearing white jeans, a tucked-in t-shirt, sunglasses, and tousled hair.

Low key: Miley's boyfriend Maxx, who is a 23-year-old drummer, was seen joining her out of the hotel patio and chatting with the star

In a casual scenario, Miley’s partner Maxx, who happens to be a 23-year-old percussionist, accompanied her as they stepped out onto the hotel patio and engaged in conversation with the celebrity.

The 29-year-old actress/singer showcased her toned legs

in the classic one-piece swimwear

as she was seen applying sunblock on her hotel patio

The 29-year-old entertainer stunned onlookers with her toned legs in a classic one-piece swimsuit while applying sunscreen on her hotel patio.

Close: The musician wore white jeans and a T-shirt tucked in, adding sunglasses with his hair tousled and loose around him; he lounged on the ground next to the star as she she sipped her beverage

The musician looked relaxed in his white jeans and tucked-in T-shirt, sporting tousled hair and sunglasses while lounging on the ground next to the star. Meanwhile, Miley enjoyed the sun in her black bathing suit, sitting by the patio’s edge with a hat on. Maxx later joined her, choosing to sit on a nearby lounger as they chatted before moving to the same one together. Throughout their lounge session, Miley held onto an iced drink while enjoying Maxx’s company. This Saturday session occurred just two days after they were first seen at the popular Mexican celebrity getaway. During their Thursday outing, the pair engaged in some major PDA, with Maxx even running his hands over Miley’s chest under her shirt. They continued their outdoor PDA session by cuddling on the lounge chair and sharing kisses.

Pop of color: The gorgeous star added a bold pink scrunchie to complete her beach look

A burst of vibrant hues: To complete her beachside attire, the stunning celebrity rocked a daringly pink scrunchie.

Safety first: She was seen carrying a bottle of sunscreen in her hand as she prepped for another day of sunshine

Prioritizing safety: She was spotted with a sunscreen bottle in her grasp while preparing for another day under the sun.

Casual: Miley lounged in her black bathing suit by the edge of the patio with her hat on

In a laid-back pose, Miley relaxed by the patio’s rim sporting her black swimsuit and wearing a hat.

Good times: Maxx joined her as she sat there, but opted to sit on the nearby lounger as they chatted

Maxx joined her while she was sitting there, but decided to sit on the lounger nearby as they had a friendly conversation.

In conversation: Maxx and Miley chatting outside while she enjoyed the sun and he stayed in the shade

Maxx and Miley were having a casual chat outdoors. While Miley soaked up the sunshine, Maxx preferred to stay in the shade.

The pretty blonde seen showcasing her fit form in the classic black one-piece

The star grabbed a towel outside after putting her sunblock on

Eye-catching: The attractive blonde caught attention as she flaunted her toned physique in a timeless black swimsuit.

Rock star: The beauty showcased her tattoos in the one-piece, opting to choose a black colored swimsuit

The stunning celebrity flaunted her body art in a chic one-piece swimsuit, going for a classic black hue.

Sunshine: Miley wore a hat over her platinum locks outside

Miley shaded her platinum hair from the sun with a cool hat as she spent time outdoors.

Miley seen on her holiday as she prepared herself for some sunshine

She rocked the look sans makeup, showcasing her natural beauty

Miley Cyrus was recently seen enjoying her holiday, getting ready to soak up some sunshine. It seems like she has found a new romantic interest in Maxx, as the two were spotted getting cozy in Nashville last July and attending a Gucci fashion show together in November. Their romance seemed to be confirmed when they shared a kiss and hug on the balcony of Miley’s Miami hotel room. Maxx was even present backstage at Miley’s New Year’s Eve event that she hosted with Pete Davidson. Maxx is known for his drumming skills and has previously been part of music groups such as Lilly and The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018.

Sweet: Before both moved to the lounger as she held on to an iced drink

Sweet: They both shifted to the lounge chairs while she gripped onto a chilled beverage.

Beaming: Maxx had a big grin on his face as he chatted with his lady

Maxx was grinning from ear to ear as he chatted with his lady, exuding happiness. Although he primarily focuses on playing the drums, he is a versatile musician who also knows how to play the guitar. Additionally, Maxx seems to be a talented cartoonist, sharing his colorful designs on his Instagram page, which are heavily influenced by Takashi Murakami’s famous images. Miley Cyrus hinted at her connection with Maxx even before their red carpet debut in September 2021 when she discussed her haute couture festival outfits in a Vogue interview, describing her boyfriend as one of her favorite up-and-coming artists. She also mentioned how designer Shane Kastl incorporated some of Maxx’s illustrations into his designs. It is unclear if Miley and Maxx had started dating at that point. Since ending her relationship with Australian singer Cody Simpson, the Hannah Montana star has kept her dating life relatively private.

Start: The pair were first spotted getting cozy In Nashville, Tennessee as far back as July, and attended the Gucci fashion show together in November; pictured November 2, 2021 at the Gucci Love Parade in Los Angeles

Back in July, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were seen getting cozy in Nashville, Tennessee. Their relationship had started in October 2019, but it ended by August 2020. Before her romance with Cody, Miley’s most intense partnership was with Liam Hemsworth, whom she met in 2009 during the filming of The Last Song. Despite their on-and-off relationship, they got engaged in May 2012 but called it off by September of the following year. Liam and Miley reunited in March 2016, eventually getting engaged again later that same year, and married in December 2018. However, they separated by August 2019, and Liam filed for divorce less than two weeks later. After their split, Miley had a brief fling with Kaitlynn Carter in August and September 2019. Recently, Miley and Cody attended the Gucci Love Parade together in Los Angeles.

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