“Throwback Snaps from Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her Sister Noah’s 22nd Birthday in Style, Honoring the Elvis Connection”

Miley Cyrus reminisced about the good old days as she celebrated her younger sister Noah’s 22nd birthday over the weekend. She posted a heartwarming photo of the two siblings hugging at the party, along with a series of cute throwback snaps from the popular Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. “Happy Birthday to my baby sis @noahcyrus #22 (who shares the same birthday as Elvis, obviously),” Miley wrote in the caption, punctuated by a blue butterfly emoji.

Happy Birthday! Miley Cyrus celebrated her sister Noah's 22nd birthday with a sweet Instagram post on Saturday

Hey there, it’s time to celebrate! Miley Cyrus made sure to give her younger sister Noah a shoutout on her 22nd birthday with a heartwarming Instagram post over the weekend. The post featured two adorable snapshots of the duo posing on a cozy couch. In the first photo, Miley looked stunning in pink textured pants and a black leather jacket. Her platinum blonde hair was styled in loose waves, and she sported metallic blue eyeshadow with a touch of pink lipgloss. Miley’s arms were wrapped around Noah, who sat beside her with a big smile on her face. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate these beautiful sisters and their sweet bond!

Back then: Along with a snap of the two sisters embracing at Noah's birthday party, the 29-year-old singer shared a slideshow of adorable throwback photos of the two from her hit Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana

In the past, the 29-year-old musician posted a sweet snapshot of her two sisters embracing each other during Noah’s birthday celebration. Miley Cyrus also shared a set of lovely throwback photographs of herself with her sister from their popular Disney Channel sitcom, Hannah Montana. Noah looked stunning in a black bandeau top, black cargo pants, and a black satin puffer jacket that showcased her toned midriff. The Make Me singer sported gold hoop earrings and a gold chain necklace with a large circular pendant, enhancing her look. She complemented her appearance with long, glamorous lashes, dark pink lipstick, and a braid that cascaded down her back.

Throwback: Miley also added three images from Noah's cameos in Hannah Montana

Flashback: Miley shared a series of pictures that feature her sister Noah’s appearances in the TV show Hannah Montana.

Cameos: Noah was not cast as a main character in the sitcom, which ran from 2006-2011, but played small parts in six episodes over the show's four seasons and also appeared as a background dancer in 2009's Hannah Montana: The Movie

Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of Miley Cyrus, may not have been a lead character on the hit sitcom Hannah Montana, which aired from 2006 to 2011, but she did appear in six episodes throughout the show’s four seasons. In addition, Noah also made a cameo as a background dancer in the 2009 movie adaptation of the show. Miley recently shared a sweet photo of her and her sister hugging each other while making kissy faces. Along with the picture, Miley also included three images of Noah’s memorable moments on Hannah Montana, including her appearances in Love That Lets Go, Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting, Achey Jakey Heart: Part 2, Torn Between Two Hannahs, Oh Say, Can You Remember the Words?, and It’s A Mannequin’s World.

Making a wish: On Friday, Noah took to Instagram to post images from her party, which was held ahead of her official birthday

Noah shared pictures from her pre-birthday party on Instagram last Friday. In one of the snaps, she can be seen smiling down at her butterfly-decorated cake with red candles, while in another picture, she poses in front of a tree adorned with colorful string lights and floating balloons on the patio. The Nashville native, who turned 22, wrote in the caption that she would be celebrating her birthday the next day, along with emojis of a sad face, butterfly, purple heart, sparkle, and her zodiac sign.

Celebrating: She beamed as she posed in front of a tree decorated with colorful string lights and a patio strewn with floating balloons in the second photo

The woman was filled with joy as she stood in front of a tree adorned with vibrant string lights and was surrounded by floating balloons in the second snapshot.

Getting emotional: The American Horror Stories actress shared a video clip in which she was seen wiping away a tear before blowing out her birthday candles as her family and friends sang 'Happy Birthday'

Feeling sentimental: An actress from American Horror Stories recently posted a video of herself getting emotional during her birthday celebration. She wiped away a tear before blowing out her candles while her loved ones sang ‘Happy Birthday’.

Beautiful: Noah's elaborate and colorful birthday cake was in the shape of a butterfly and decorated with red candles

Noah had a gorgeous and vibrant butterfly-shaped cake for her birthday, adorned with red candles, which she shared on social media. The star of American Horror Stories even shared a video of herself wiping away tears as she blew out her candles while friends and family sang ‘Happy Birthday.’ In another photo, Noah and her pals were shown enjoying each other’s company while sitting in a psychedelic mushroom garden. The birthday girl reposted a picture from Miley Cyrus, where she and her friends were seen lounging on a shag rug, playfully posing with a marijuana leaf-shaped cushion. In one snapshot, Noah was seen lightheartedly straddling one of her friends who was lying on the ground.

Good times: In one snap, Noah and her pals were seen sharing a laugh as they sat in a yard decorated with psychedelic mushroom sculptures

It was a moment of fun and laughter as Noah and her buddies posed for a photo in a backyard adorned with trippy mushroom statues.

Having fun: The birthday girl included a couple of shots in which she and her friends were seen playing around with a marijuana leaf-shaped throw pillow as they lounged on a shag carpet

Enjoying the Moment: The celebrant captured a few snaps of her and her buddies goofing around with a cushion that resembled a cannabis leaf while chilling on a plush carpet.

Funny:  Another throw pillow could be seen in the background bearing a past Tweet of Miley's that read: 'I lost a massive Walmart deal at 17 for ripping a bong'

Amusingly, there was another cushion in the vicinity featuring a previous tweet from Miley, which stated that she had missed out on a huge Walmart agreement when she was only 17 because of her bong ripping habits.

Goofing around: In one image, Noah was seen playfully straddling one of her friends as he lay on the ground

Engaging in some playful antics, Noah was captured in a photograph straddling one of her buddies who was lying on the ground. In another snapshot, the talented All Three vocalist was seated next to Miley and another friend as they lounged on a couch watching television. To wrap up her post, Noah shared an image revealing her sticking out her tongue whilst gazing down at her birthday cake. Moreover, the singer showcased glimpses from her birthday bash on her Instagram Story. She uploaded a video showcasing two cakes in a Domino’s box, covered in powdered sugar and adorned with red icing displaying the number ’22.’ Notably, instead of regular candles, two joints of marijuana were placed inside the cakes.

Relaxing: The All Three singer was seen sitting next to Miley and a friend as they watched TV on a couch in one photo

In a laid-back setting, a snapshot captured the All Three vocalist sitting alongside Miley and another companion as they enjoyed some TV time together on a comfy couch.

Big day: She concluded her post with an image in which she stuck out her tongue while looking down at her birthday cake

The special occasion was a momentous one for her, as evidenced by the picture she shared at the end of her post. In it, she can be seen playfully sticking out her tongue while gazing down at her birthday cake.

High times: She included a video of a two powdered sugar covered brown cakes in a Dominoes box that were decorated with red icing that read '22'. Two smoking marijuana joints were stuck inside of the cakes in place of candles

Miley Cyrus celebrated her sister Noah’s 22nd birthday in a unique way by sharing a video of two brown cakes covered with powdered sugar from Domino’s box. The cakes were decorated with red icing and had “22” written on them. Instead of candles, two marijuana joints were stuck inside the cakes. Later, Miley shared several short clips and a photo of Noah as a young girl to commemorate her special day. In one of the clips, Noah was seen smashing her face into a piece of cake. Miley also posted a photo of both sisters wearing matching blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. She wished Noah a happy birthday and called her the queen of her universe and the coolest girl in the whole wide world.

Memory lane: Later on Saturday, Miley shared another nostalgic post in honor of her sister's birthday

On a later Saturday, Miley celebrated her sister’s birthday by posting a throwback picture that brought back fond memories.

Cute: Noah was seen smashing her face into a piece of cake in the first clip

Adorable: The initial footage captures Noah gleefully burying her face in a delectable cake.

Sweet: Miley also added a photo of the two sisters wearing matching blue eyeshadow and red lipstick as they smiled for the camera

Miley shared a cute moment with her younger sister Noah, where they both wore matching blue eyeshadow and red lipstick and smiled for the camera. Noah also demonstrated her dancing skills in three other videos. In one of the clips, Noah asked Miley who her best friend was, and Miley responded lovingly by hugging her little sister and confirming that she was her closest companion.

Adorable:In one sweet video, Noah asked Miley, 'Who's your best friend?' Miley responded by wrapping her arms around her young sibling and giving her a hug

Cute: A heartwarming clip captured Noah asking Miley about her closest pal. In response, Miley lovingly embraced her little sister and hugged her tightly.

Best friends: 'I guess that's me,' Noah said to which Miley replied, 'That would be you'

Noah and Miley declared each other as their best friends. Noah acknowledged this fact by stating, “I guess that’s me,” to which Miley responded, “That would be you.”

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